EDUC 280: General Methods & Assessment



Week 3 Article List (different than links below)
This following resource helps you consider how deep you want your students to go in their thinking. This resource may help you to construct your pre-planned questions. It is not something you are required to use, but some of you may find it helpful. Depth of Knowledge Chart and Question Stems.pdf

You won't need the following resource until you are filling in the Research/Theory section of the template. I recommend saving it on your computer now. This also may be a document that you want to print out for future reference as it will come in handy in future lesson planning. theorists.pdf

Examples of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Questions from Aberdeen School District:
Examples of Essential Questions from Hindale School District:
Optional Reading:
Common, E. A., Lane, K. L., Cantwell, E. D., Brunsting, N. C., Oakes, W. P., Germer, K. A., & Bross, L. A. (2020). Teacher-delivered strategies to increase students’ opportunities to respond: A systematic methodological review. Behavioral Disorders, 45(2), 67–84. to an external site. with emphasis on beginning (pp 67-69) and Discussion.

Types and Purposes of Assessments:
California Department of Education. (2022). Guidance on diagnostic and formative assessments. Read pages 1-2, 7-9.
Review this reading from Week 2, focusing on the portions relating to feedback:
Optional Reading:

Rosenshine, B. (2012). Principles of instruction. Education Digest, 78(3), 30-40.

W6: Grades and Grading
Armstrong, T. (2015). The myth of the normal brain: Embracing neurodiversity. AMA Journal of Ethics, 17(4), 348–352.
Basham, J. D., Blackorby, J., & Marino, M. T. (2020). Opportunity in crisis: The role of universal design for learning in educational redesign. Learning Disabilities -- A Contemporary Journal, 18(1), 71–91.

W7: Standardized Testing

W8: Grades and Grading
Fisher, D., Frey, N., & Pumpian, I. (2011). No Penalties for Practice. Educational Leadership, 69(3), 46–51.
O’Connor, K., & Wormeli, R. (2011). Reporting Student Learning. Educational Leadership, 69(3), 40–44.

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