Resources for the Action Research Essay
UCLA Library. (2017). A literature review is more than a summary. [video] YouTube.
Week 3 Research Proposal Components
Week 5

Primary sources (at least 4-5) commonly are journal articles, mongraphs, and papers presented at conferences.

Secondary sources (at least 4-5) are those sources that do not provide firsthand or eyewitness accounts of research. Rather, they provide expert compilations, analyses, and interpretation of primary information.

  • Use "Selected Databases" on the Education Subject Guide.
    • Search for literature review articles in peer reviewed journals.
    • Consider limiting your search to trade publications.

Data Tools

If you want to search for a validated, published tool, use the database Health and Psychological Instruments from the Psychology subject guide. Look under "Selected Databases."

Note: this database provides a summary and publication information, but NOT the full text of the tools.

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